Rural Healthcare Delivery

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Authorizing legislation:
Enrolled Act 66, 2006 Budget Session:
(c) The Wyoming health care commission shall conduct a study...regarding each of the following issues:
(iii) The existing and future needs of health care services taking into account population demographics, treatment needs, and health care demographics...
(vi) Creating efficiencies and opportunities for enhancing the quality of health care, the delivery of health care services and the allocation of health care resources...
Enrolled Act 41, 2006 Budget Session:
(f) The commission may maintain a system of health care information and issue reports and disseminate information by other means related to health care access, quality and costs.

Work in progress:
Study of delivery systems is ongoing, completed by May 2007. Study includes analysis of workforce, IT, transportation, community preparedness and demographics. Will also include data regarding the economic impact of healthcare services. Recommendations will be developed on creating improved models of healthcare delivery.
Healthcare information system has been developed. Work to disseminate and update this data is ongoing.

Next Steps:
Recommend alternative models of healthcare delivery (pilot projects, etc.)
Consider influences of care across the continuum, patient safety, IT, efficiencies in moving patient to care/care to patient.
Continue to develop database into state resource.