Patient Safety

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Authorizing legislation:
Enrolled Act No. 2, 2004 Wyoming Special Session Laws:
The Wyoming health care commission with assistance from the insurance commissioner shall study the feasibility, costs and benefits of a new system to address and resolve healthcare errors and healthcare malpractice...the final report is due on or before October 15, 2005.

Work accomplished:
Report on Medical Errors and Medical Injury Compensation submitted to the Wyoming Legislature on October 15, 2005.
Issues in Patient Safety, submitted to the WHCC on December 31, 2006 reviewed current patient safety efforts underway in Wyoming, as well as Wyoming specific data related to patient safety and medical malpractice. Recommendations to improve patient safety measures were presented and approved by the WHCC.

Next Steps:
The Medical Errors Subcommittee has expanded to involve a greater number of stakeholders. Stakeholders will investigate, discuss, and consider methods, models and legislation to accomplish the recommendations approved by the WHCC.