Grandma And Daughter

Authorizing legislation:
Enrolled Act 41, 2006 Budget Session:
Section 4. The health care commission shall conduct a study of the redesign of the Medicaid benefit structure as recommended by the final report of the joint legislative executive committee reviewing the health department in response to chapter 182, 2005 Session Laws of Wyoming. The commission shall study benefit changes to improve the cost effectiveness of the Wyoming Medicaid program. The study shall also consider changes to the management and operation of the program if indicated to improve cost effectiveness. The study may consider benefit changes that would require waivers from the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for implementation.

Work in progress:
Focused on long term care with the objective of slowing the expected wave of an aging populationsí need for nursing homes by offering less restrictive choices for long term care.

Next Steps:
Continue to refine recommendations, examine issues associated with additional populations.