Access And Affordability

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Authorizing legislation:
Enrolled Act 41, 2006 Budget Session:
Section 3. The commission shall examine additional means for reducing the percentage of Wyoming citizens without health insurance and reducing the cost of private health insurance. The commission shall make a preliminary report to the joint labor, health and social services interim committee by November 10, 2006 and a final report by October 1, 2007.

Work in progress:
Researching incremental vs. comprehensive healthcare reform, targeting specific uninsured populations in WY, successful programs in other states, and expansion of current programs to efficiently reduce the number of uninsured residents in Wyoming. Studying actual effects of approaches through simulated modeling by Dr. Jonathan Gruber, Health Economist consultant.

Next Steps:
Using the information from the Gruber simulated modeling, determine incremental approaches for reducing the number of uninsured, minimizing the unintended consequences, and determining cost. In addition, provide options for sustainability through public, private and governmental funding partnerships.